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Battery Bike Lights

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LUX Light

LUX Light is the new series of powerful rechargeable battery lights from Reelight boasting a compact 350 lumen light and a stronger 700 lumen light. Both lights are USB-C rechargeable with a replaceable battery making it a perfect companion for longer trips as you can bring extra batteries if needed.

Award winning design

Reelight GO

Reelight GO uses magnets for easy fastening, effortlessly clicking onto a magnetic base which is permanently mounted on the handlebar and seat post. Once connected the light turns on automatically. When not in use the front and rear lights connect magnetically into one compact unit that can be kept in a pocket or bag.

Affordable and stylish

Reelight UGO

Reelight UGO is created for intuitive use and easy storage, accommodating modern lifestyle on the go. The characteristic silicone strap makes mounting easier than ever, while allowing for flexibility. Special wide angle optics make the lights stand out in traffic, ensuring a high level of safety.

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Bike lights from Reelight comes in an award-winning minimalistic design made for intuitive use and ease. With clever solutions we have made it easy mount and unmount the lights, which you will appreciate when in a hurry. We have also made sure that the lights are small and compact and therefore easily will fit in your pocket or bag when not in use.

We use special designed optics and high-power LEDs in all our battery bike lights, which results in added visibility and safety making sure that you stand out in traffic. You can easily select whether you want the bicycle lights to have constant light or be flashing