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Ne convient pas aux vélos équipés de freins à disque (voir plutôt la série SL200) et ne doit être utilisé que pour la circulation à droite.

La SL100 Series est nos feux classiques montés sur moyeu, qui conviennent aux vélos sans freins à disque ou à rouleau. SL100 Series est un ensemble intelligent de feux de vélo magnétiques avec un éclairage clair et brillant qui garantit que vous vous démarquez toujours dans la circulation. Il s'agit de la version la plus récente avec une conception, des performances et une optique améliorées.


Le montage des feux de vélo est rapide et facile. Le feu de vélo est monté sur le moyeu et est conçu pour tous les vélos équipés de freins en V ou de freins cantilever. L'intensité lumineuse correspond à celle d'une lampe à piles ordinaire avec des piles neuves. Le feu de vélo produit sa propre puissance d'induction respectueuse de l'environnement au moyen d'une bobine dans la dynamo et d'aimants sur les rayons du vélo - sans aucune utilisation de piles.

Les feux de vélo sont montés de façon permanente, de sorte que vous les avez toujours avec vous. La lumière est toujours allumée lorsque vous pédalez, ce qui vous rend encore plus sûr dans le trafic, de jour comme de nuit. Les feux de vélo alimentés par aimant signifient qu'il n'y a plus de piles à plat, plus de feux de vélo oubliés, plus de frottement lorsque vous faites du vélo - juste des feux de vélo toujours allumés.

ReePower™ Flash

La série SL100 est disponible avec ReePower™ Flash - un système de secours, qui laisse les feux clignoter pendant deux minutes lorsqu'ils sont à l'arrêt. Cette nouvelle version mise à jour se chargera plus rapidement que jamais, vous assurant ainsi d'avoir une alimentation de secours quand vous en avez besoin.

Choisissez la bonne option

La série SL100 est disponible en trois versions : Flash (SL100), Flash avec ReePower™ (SL120+) et enfin une version à lumière constante (SL150 C).

Alimenté par des aimants - Pas de friction
Conforme à la législation danoise
N'utilise pas de piles
ReePower™ Flash
Continue de clignoter pendant deux minutes.
Éclairage clignotant
Toujours allumé
- réduit les accidents de 47 %
Éclairage constant
Feu de sécurité lumineux
Monté en permanence sur les moyeux
Respectueux de l'environnement
Ne convient pas à une attache rapide
sans adaptateur

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Previous (original) version was better

I use reelight since long time .

The new SLxxx (1led) is worse than the original/previous version (2led) :
The original version had :
- a reflector inside the device as régulations ask for, the new version has NOT .
- A far better capacitor, the « old » 120 were blinking/flashing during long minutes after the ride stop (and quasi continuous lighting when riding at low temperature in winter with 3 magnets on the wheel) . The new version blink/flash at maximum 30s after the ride has stopped (even for a long ride and for 3 magnets on the wheel !) and you will never get continuous lighting (just flashes) even with high speed and cold temperature.

Reliability remains good as sources of failure are tiny (typicaly : break of the thin thin thin copper wire beetween coil and pcb because of vibrations, or the led burn because it’s of course not eternal) . Both are quite easy to fix fortunately) .

So the original version was better in my opinion …

Hello Guillaume,

Thank you for providing your feedback. The previous version you mentioned did actually not include a built-in reflector, as its purpose was mainly cosmetic. This is why we decided to remove the reflector like features. Since then, we have made significant improvements to the newer versions, making them more reliable than the older ones. If your light is not flashing for at least two minutes while stationary, please know that it is covered under our two-year warranty and you can file a claim at

Prone for moist

Although I do like the SL 100 – have been using several of them for some years now – very much but the truth is: they are prone for moist. Especially if you have to park your bicycle always outside as most of us have to do here in Amsterdam. Eventually it breaks down. Especially the front light. Why is a mystery to me. I very rarely park my bicyle in a bicycle rack. I just ordered my third replacement front light but if this one also drowns shortly I have to look for another light solution.

Hi Nico,

I am very sorry to hear about this experience. We offer two years warranty on any product purchased through us, so please contact us at if you think your light is covered. Thanks.

Okay, but great room for improvement

I am somewhat disappointed with the latching/assembly mechanisms of both the light and the magnet due to the lack of a good quality design. I mean, the screwing guide through a plastic material feels very cheap and non-precise. It is very easy to get misguided because the metal support is not well aligned either then once you start screwing in, there is not an easy come back because, again, it is plastic and it's quite complicated to adjust in general (therefore I am assuming it won't be possible to get them installed in another bike, unless picking a larger screws size each time maybe). I wanted to return them back (bought two sets at once for my two bikes), but since I managed to get them installed in an "acceptable manner", I did not proceed with the return. Simply there is no other acceptable alternative in the market. But again, the mechanism seems very low quality for such a nice overall idea of being more environmentally friendly - which it is what I was looking for at the end. Sorry for the honesty, but I know this is more helpful for you Reelight guys for continuous improvement :)

Hi Jorge,

Thank you for the feedback. We understand that installation can sometimes be a bit troublesome and we understand the frustration. Regarding the durability of the plastic there is no need to worry. If you should wish to move the lights to another bike you can do so without wearing down the threads and this can be done many times.

Tashi Iwaoka
Great product and customer service. A top brand.

I have been a fan of Reelight since my first purchase years back when I was living in Amsterdam.
As one I got was damaged and broken I made an order to ship it to Finland, where I live now.
The delivery was rather quick.
When I opened the product, I was a bit surprised - I didn't know/notice that there were three different versions and I got the flash one, instead of the constant which I had in my mind when ordered.
I anyway mounted it and all was fine - apart from feeling a bit too visible to others, which is just something Finnish about perhaps (though I'm not a Finn).
After one cold day (about -8), the front light started faint a bit. But got back normal again after some days.
A few weeks past the front light stopped working. It didn't come back to life again this time.
So, I contacted the company, asking if a replacement was possible.
They responded very quick and straight forward (contacted by CEO!).
I was ready to be said that was not possible but all is simple and they even said it's possible to send the constant version if I wished. Now all sorted and waiting for the constant version of the front light.
They are great and reliable in all levels.
I will enjoy the ride with Reelight again and for the coming long future :-)

Thanks a lot Tashi!

Nice product

Commandé avec la fonction ReePower. Pour mon vélo adulte et pour celui de mon enfant. Il faut certes être patient et calme pour le premier montage. Masi ensuite, plus de question à se poser de jour comme de nuit. Aucun problème sur mes roues avec blocage rapide dans le cas de démontage et remontage des roues : les lampes se règlent en une seconde et les roues sont remontées sans problème. La possibilité de basculer entre deux modes constant et reepower serait extrait, en fonction des situations.

Merci beaucoup Fabien!