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NOVA | Contactless Dynamo System

High power dynamo system that works like magic without touching the rim.

Battery Free Bike Lights

Reelight makes daytime running bike lights that are easy to install, works day and night, requires no batteries, adds no drag to your ride and just makes your life a lot easier and more safe.

↓ Read on below and get an overview of our different solutions ↓

Looking for the best and brightest?

High mounting position

Bike lights with high mounting points such as the fork crown, basket or luggage carrier offer the best visibility in traffic and is in many cases the best and safest solution.

Reelight offers different battery free solutions within this category, which you can check out below.

Prefer something simple?

Intermediate mounting position

Bike lights in this collection are mounted a bit lower on the bike and are more compact and simple as they require no cables between the generator and light unit.

Reelight offers two different battery free solutions within this category, which you can check out below.

Where it all started

Low mounting position

This is the original Reelight solution and the first of its kind. It is really simple to install and a durable and proven solution, which will work on almost any bike.

Reelight offers different hub mounted solutions, which you can check out below.

Great innovative product and fantastic customer service

Not only do they produce great and innovative products, but they also have fantastic customer service.

- Stephanie

I love reelight!

It´s a genius idea and I wonder why many people don´t think about it!

The lights are of good quality and you never have to charge or do anything, they will turn on automatically when you ride, which is perfect.

- Luca


Very fast and comprehensive customer support. Received spare parts within a day.

- Lean