SL200 Series

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Only for use in right hand traffic.

The SL200 Series is our classic range of hub-mounted lights, which are suitable for use on bicycles that have disc brakes or roller brakes. The SL200 Series is a smart set of magnetic bike lights with bright, clear illumination that ensures you always stand out in traffic.

This is the latest version (V3) with an all new design resulting in significant improvements in durability and performance.


Mounting the bike lights is quick and easy. The bike light is mounted on the hub and is designed for all bikes with either v-brakes, roller brakes or disc brakes (max. 180 mm).

The SL200 Series bike light utilizes an eco-friendly electromagnetic system to generate power, eliminating the need for batteries. These lights are permanently attached to your bicycle for convenient use, providing enhanced safety while cycling day or night. Say goodbye to depleted batteries and forgotten lights, and enjoy frictionless cycling with lights that are always on thanks to magnetic technology.

ReePower™ Flash

The SL200 Series features ReePower™ Flash, a backup system that allows the lights to flash for two minutes while stationary.


The SL200 Series (V3) has been completely redesigned and now boasts significant improvements in durability and performance. Featuring an IPX7 rating, you can confidently leave your bike outside in heavy rain without worry. The updated electronics and increased magnetic strength also make the lights brighter than ever, ensuring that you stand out in traffic.

Choose the right option

SL200 Series is available in three versions: Flash (SL200), Flash with ReePower™  (SL220+) and finally a version with Constant Light (SL250 C).

Powered by magnets - No friction
Uses no batteries
Waterproof (IPX7) and tested for harsh weather conditions.
ReePower™ Flash
Continues flashing for two min.
Flashing light
Always on
- reduces accidents by 47%
Constant light
Bright safety light
Permanently mounted on the hubs
Environmentally friendly
Not suitable for quick release
without adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Craig s.
Stop buying batteries for your bike lights.!!

I have been a Reelight customer for about ten years. I cannot understand why (a) these are not marketed heavily in bike stores across the country. And (b) why anyone who rides a bike does not have at least one pair of the different models that Reelight makes. Not only do they not use batteries, but they are designed to install easily, are designed with the bike rider safety in mind - having blinking light visibility even when stopped, and are super durable in rain and cold weather. The engineering , design and practicality are top drawer. Break free from batteries once and for all.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Craig! Of course we couldn't agree more :)

Die vordere Halterung passt leider nicht

…an meine Federgabel. Gibt es einen Adapter oder andere Halterung?

Hi Axel,

If you have a standard quick release you will need our adapter ( Please write to us directly at so that we can give you better support. Thank you.

Halterung etwas aufweiten

Ich musste die Halterungen für vorne und hinten mit dem Dremel etwas aufweiten, damit sie auf die Steckachsen passten. Um die Leuchte vorne nahe genug an die Magneten zu bekommen, war es nötig, die Halterung zu biegen. Ansonsten wären mehrere Zentimeter Platz zu den Speichen gewesen. Danach funktioniert das Licht wie erwartet. Ich setze die Reelights bereits seit vielen Jahren an meinen anderen Rädern ein.

Thanks a lot Andreas for sharing your experience. Sometimes the lights does not fit out of the box but I am happy to hear that you worked out a solution on your own.


Très rapide à installer, pas besoin de la notice. Et très efficace.

Merci beaucoup Cyrille !

Polina Petkova
Heavy but worth the comfort

I wanted lights, that do not need to be turned on and off. I did not want to care about that each time I ride. The bike is a mean of transport for me, so the less buttons to push and things to remove and install, the better. This comfort comes with a price though, they weight 300gr and you can feel the magnet "friction", especially if you have a heavy bike and ride uphill. Its not dramatic at all, but it is there.
My rear light got stolen for some reason. I appreciate the possibility to buy only spare parts and not the whole set. Unfortunatelly, the delivery to CZ costs almost as much as the spare parts themselves and I can't even proft from the free delivery, because its valid for sellected countries only. Thats how it is, just it does not make you happy.
In overall the Reelights SL200 is a great product, I am glad for having it. What could be really nice to have is a product that has a GPS tracker inside.