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SL500 Series

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Elegant design, powerful light and increased visibility summarise the SL500 series. The bike light is distinguished by its sleek and minimalistic design and has won the Eurobike Award for it's focus on traffic safety, the environment, innovative functionality and overall concept.


The bike lights wide angle optics cast the light at 180° for maximum spread and even better visibility from the sides. The SL500 front light is mounted on the handlebars and is connected to a dynamo on the front fork. The cable between the bike light and the dynamo can easily be rolled to the right length. The bike light produces its own environmentally friendly induction power by means of a coil in the dynamo and magnets on the bicycle spokes – completely without the use of batteries.

The bike lights are permanently mounted, so you always have them with you. The light is always on whenever you cycle, which makes you extra safe in traffic – day and night. Magnet-powered bike lights mean no more flat batteries, no forgotten bike lights, no friction when you cycle – just lights which are always on.

SL500 can be combined with front or rear lights from the SL600 Series.

Powered by magnets - No friction
Complies with Danish legislation
Uses no batteries
ReePower™ Flash
Continues flashing for two min.
Flashing light
Safety light
Permanently mounted
Theft proof
Waterproof and tested for harsh weather conditions.
Environmentally friendly

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very good

I have been using it for a few years and it works like a charm. Sadly, the cable broke and it is impossible to fix or replace,so I'll have to buy a new system. I can't use Nova because of its meterials and dimentions lmitations.

Thanks a lot Tim and sorry to hear about the broken cable. Feel free to reach out to us ( if you wish to make sure that the NOVA system cannot be used for your bike.

John Riley
13 years 11800 miles and still working fine

I have had these lights on my commuting bike for 13 years and in that time they have covered 11900 miles. As they are flash only I use them as secondary lights to meet the minimum lighting laws in the UK, just in case my main rechargeable lights fail on the way home. My commute is a mix of tarmac roads and muddy cycle path. They have done the job for 13 years and I hope will do it for a few more.

Thanks a lot John! We are happy to hear that the lights are still working after 13 years :)

Works decently

First of all, I love the idea and mostly also the execution of this product. I have had both the front and back light for some years. Both lights add visibility, but the front light is not bright enough for the rider to see well in pitch black conditions, e.g. in the darkness of the Finnish winter, outside the reach of the street lamps.
If the cable gets ripped off the light by some a**h**e, like mine did, it is not repairable, which is a bummer. In cases like this, it would be nice to be able to buy again just the light with a new cable instead of an entire new set.

Thank you for your honest feedback Joni. The cables are not replaceable on the SL500 series as you mention, so if you are looking to upgrade the old set I would recommend taking a look at our NOVA lights (, which has plugs on the cables.

Hard to Install

Almost impossible to install without taking the entire front wheel apart. I gave up after almost an hour trying to install it. Not worth it.

This is most likely related to an issue with the mounting bracket. We have contacted Johann and are working on a solution for him.