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Each NOVA combo has dynamos, cables and brackets included.

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Cable comes included with the light. NOVA Brackets are included with NOVA for basket.

NOVA is a modular battery free bike light system, which you can combine however you like. The lights are powered by a contactless rim dynamo, which works by Eddy currents and requires no magnets mounted on the wheel.


What is Eddy Current?

Eddy Current is an electric current induced by a changing magnetic field in a conductor such as an aluminum rim. This creates a magnetic field, which can be utilised to power a bike light. It almost seems like magic but with an Eddy current rim dynamo there is no need to mount magnets on the rim and the dynamo does not even have to touch!

Modular System

NOVA is available for head tube, basket, seat post and luggage carrier mounting. When combined with the Contactless Rim Dynamo™ the lights deliver up to 60 lumens. All the lights comes with integrated E approved reflexes for added safety.


The dynamo is mounted with ReeMount™ – a straightforward and secure wire system that makes positioning the dynamo faster and easier than ever before. The wire is made from coated stainless steel, ensuring a strong mount and minimising the risk of breakage or theft. The dynamo can be mounted on the fork and on the seat stay and will fit most types of bikes with the exception of mountain bikes with suspension forks. 

ReePower™ Flash

NOVA comes with ReePower™ Flash - a backup system, which makes the lights flash for two minutes when at a standstill. The system automatically shifts from constant light, when slowing down, and starts flashing instead.

Constant light
Uses no batteries
Complies with Danish legislation
Powered by Eddy Currents, generated by a rotating magnet
E6 approved reflexes
ReePower™ Flash
Continues flashing for two minutes
Tool included (with Dynamo)
Road light
20 - 30 lumen at 15 km/h
Permanently mounted
Theft proof
Always on
- reduces accidents by 47%
Only for use on aluminium rims
Not for suspension / wide forks / MTB

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Customer Reviews

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Very cool light

Very cool system, got the front light set at one of internet stores during winter sales for less then 40 including delivery. Waiting for snow to melt to go outside to test it. Please note that your need to make your rim flat to avoid scratching and make good and steady dynamo and rim contact.

Thanks a lot Mikey!


La lampe avant donne 60 lumens pas suffisant pour bien y voir, mais ok pour être vu.
Est ce que la série 700 éclaire plus que la Nova et combien de lumens ?
Est ce que l'on peut avoir le phare avant seul avec la dynamo les aimants et le cable, sur la série 700 ?
Série 700 éclairage phare avant continu ?
The front lamp gives 60 lumens not enough to see well, but ok to be seen.
Does the 700 series light more than the Nova and how many lumens?
Can we have the headlight alone with the dynamo magnets and cable, on the 700 series?
Series 700 continuous headlight?

Thank you Bouges. The output of the RL700 front light is roughly the same as on NOVA.

Einfache Montage – gutes Ergebnis

Die Montage war einfach, das Prinzip faszinierend, die Lichtausbeute gut.

Vielen Dank, Guntram :)

Bike Mom
Works great on the back of the Guardian 20" Big kids bike.

We love riding to school each morning as a family, but keeping all the lights charged is kind of a pain. This has solved the problem for the rear light on our daughter's bike.

I installed an aftermarket rack intended for a generic folding bike on the Guardian. (Guardian is a US DTC kids bike brand.) There was room for the generator on the left hand seat stay, and just enough cable to make a tidy run to the back of the rack.

I used some inner tube between the frame and the mounting cable. So far, it seems to be steady. I chose the rack mount so that we won't have to reposition anything as she grows.

My science loving kid is thrilled with the physics of how this light works. (She asked if we could power blue or pink lights for decorations.) We're happy that we have a reliable, unable to run out of battery rear light on her bike.

Always on worry-free lights

I set up these lights on my commuter bike and love that they're always there and always charged. With battery lights, I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure my rear light was on. With these, I can trust them to just always be there. They're bright enough to be seen at night although I use a second front light to illuminate the road, but if it ran out of battery mid-ride, I'd still be able to get home safely with just the reelight.

Thanks a lot Eric!